What is Infoculture?

Infoculture is a service with a cross-border orientation that provides information on employment and training for cultural professionals. Its main objective is to offer information and guidance to those involved in the culture sector in order to make it easier for them to improve their skills, and by so doing to professionalise their activity. The international orientation of the service means it can foster networks, collaborations and synergies between a diverse range of projects at a wider territorial level. In this context, the south of France is seen as particularly important given its geographical proximity.


fotografía de la entrada del centro cultural del matadero en huesca


The Culture and Employment Documentation Centre, which is based in Huesca (Spain), focuses its activities on the culture sector. Its bibliographical collection, consisting of almost 2000 specialised publications on cultural employment, is available to members for reference and on loan. The centre also gathers information on calls related to job openings, training opportunities and competitions. This information is made available at the centre and through its website, via communication services and information alerts. The launch of this information and orientation service for the culture sector makes it easier for professionals working in this field to improve their job-related skills and access a broader job market, enabling them to become economic actors with better employment prospects.


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Nowadays, the centre is supported by the Multilateral Association and the Huesca City Council. Infoculture is also interested in developping cross-borders projects at an european or international level. Staff speaks in English.

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Infoculture es un servicio de información para el empleo, la formación y el emprendimiento de los profesionales culturales, con vocación transfronteriza.

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Servicio de Información y Acompañamiento para el Fomento del Empleo Cultural en la Ciudad de Huesca

Mañanas: de lunes a jueves, de 9,30 a 15 h. / Tardes: martes, de 16 a 19 h.


Nueva ubicación en:
Antigua Audiencia Provincial
C/ Moya, 4
22002, Huesca (España)
(acceso por timbre en la puerta situada en la Plaza López Allué)

Tel. exterior: 974 29 21 65
Ext. interna: 2165